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 For further explanation of my services, keep reading. 

When booking Select wether you are new or returning client and click to book, then you can select one or multiple services. If you have any doubts or questions on how to properly book, please feel free to text Julia directly. 972-467-4502

*** If you are unable to book something a certain way, like a combination of services, please let me know ASAP! I will adjust it for you to make it easier.

Also please feel free to contact me if there is not a time that fits your schedule. Sometimes things happen or I may be able to squeeze you in, but you have to ask; but this is not guaranteed. 

* CANCELATION / NO SHOW POLICY :: Please give 24hour notice of any changes, especially if you need to reschedule or cancel. I will try to be as understanding as possible to this. Both of our times are valuable, I will do my best to be on time for you with my full attention, please be on time for me. Cancellation + NO SHOW fee is $50 for most services. For longer services it is usually half of the price listed and for shorter, smaller services it is either half or less. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. Thank you for understanding.

SLIDING SCALE ::  As I want for all to enjoy and have the ability to look and feel their best. I understand that hardships happen and I want to be able to be accessible to everyone and do not want budget and price to keep us apart. Please be honest & reach out, if there is financial hardship but you need a service. I have dedicated days for sliding scale/donation services. Let's talk and work something out.

HAIRCUTS ...            (starts at) $115

Offering genderless haircuts starting at $115. for EXTRA THICK LONG hair its additional $15-$30.

ALL HAIRCUTS include a consultation, wash, wet cut, dry detailing, blowdry and style. Unless otherwise requested by you.

There is an option to book for you and a friend.

Complimentary Consultation is also an option.

STYLE, UPDOs & BLOWDRIES...                                            (starts at) $65

Includes wash, style and all hot tools.
If you have clip in extensions) you want installed or permanent extensions already in please add item from EXTENSIONS MENU after selecting Blowdry. It may be an additional charge of $15 or more, depending on density and amount of hair. 

* Option for no Shampoo.

UPDOS & Bridal :: Feel free to send inspiration pictures or ask for some.

Please wash hair 1-2 days before. Updos always do better with day or 2 old hair. Not excessively oily/dirty. They do not include a wash.

Come with either a button up shirt that will be easy to slip in and out of or an oversized one that won't mess up the hair :)

* Bridal has run thru/practice option. 


This is also where you add a blowdry to colour services.

Perms, Straightening & Smoothing

Services...            (starting at) $150

I no longer offer Smoothing/Straightening services. We can discuss alternatives or I can reffer you to a trusted hairstylist who performs them.

Perms are being done, but require consultation first. 

CONDITIONiNG & Scalp TREATMENTS ...         (starts at) $45

There is a number of deep conditioner and treatments that are offered. 

From simple and quick deep conditioning mask that stays on between 10 to 20min (your choice) to semi permanent deep conditioner that goes under heat. Olaplex, Oribe, Schwartzkopf, Brazilian Blowout B3 as well as a SCALP TREATMENT for dandruff and itchy scalp. It includes a deep scrub of your scalp and a medicated shampoo & conditioner, followed by Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse. Let me know if you have any allergies. 

Conditioning treatments range from smoothing, moisture, repair, color locking and volume.

* You can choose to specify in the notes when you book or not. We will always consult before starting a service to confirm. 

EXTENSIONS ...       (starts at) $300

All new clients MUST have a consultation before booking. Consultations are complimentary. 

I-Tip and Beaded individual and weft extentions. 

Option for clip in install is here too.

New Hair, New Weave. Moving up the Extensions

New install includes blending of the extensions, unless you prefer not to blend them. Please come with clean hair, unless you want in shampooed, then add blowdry from blowdry menu.

Don't forget the beads!

If we are moving them up please come with CLEAN HAIR. If you want it washed, please select to wash it and move it up.

Pricing is per hour on main


A consultation is preferred for first time clients with colour either in person or over text. 

NO colour corrections. 

BLOWDRIES are half-priced with colour & need to be added to any of these services! (price will be adjusted upon check out)

Please select from the blowdry menu. You can also add a deep conditioner. 

Olaplex or B3 is added with most bleach services.

Otherwise, a rough dry or option to leave wet or with wet braid is included.

TINT/TINT RETOUCH : If you think you need your ends refreshed, it's considered all over colour! 

HIGHLIGHTS : If you need color in between your highlights, it is $25 extra. Otherwise it's just highlights or highlight + lowlights. 

* Toner additional $35
** If extra tubes of colour need to be used, it is additional $25 **

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